NOU University Policy

University policy naturally goes with the national education policy, spirit and values. University education is not only relevant to the local context and needs but also should address the world wide university education and research dimensions. In this context, the main functions of university are construction of knowledge and technology through research and expand this knowledge and technology for innovation. Public funding is made in order to accomplish the main functions of university and therefore there needs transparence, integrity and productivity in fund utilization. For this, there is necessity of guideline, direction and monitoring from the side of government in administration of funds. However, it is equally important to impart a full academic independence to the higher educatio...READ MORE

NOU Authorities

Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor...READ MORE

About NOU

Nepal Open University is established by an act of parliament in 2073 B.S. (2016) by the government of Nepal with Act No 3, 2073 approved date 2073. 03.30 B.S. This is the premier Open University in Nepal with equal in legal status to other universities in the country. The academic as well as the administrative head is the Vice-chancellor (उपकुलपति) . The Registrar (कुलसचिव) is the chief of the personnel and financial administration of the university....READ MORE

Vission Mission & Objectives

The mission of the College is to provide quality technical education and prepare competitive technical graduates in the nation that enables its products to face new challenges of the country, and also to compete in the modern world by implementing short term, medium term and long term strategic plans....READ MORE

Message from Registrar

Welcome to Nepal Open University – the first national public Open University! Nepal Open University, being committed to its fundamental goals – reaching the unreached and serving the unserved by integrating pedagogy and technology for massification, diversification, democratization, inclusion, social justice and digitization of education – aims at bringing in what the conventional universities have excluded so far. Students, who are unable to make up their classroom presence regularly because of time, place, professional, economic and other constraints, can achieve the academic degrees, using NOU programs. In the context of marketization and commodification of education, the establishment of the NOU, an attempt for decommodification of education, will make education easily accessible to...READ MORE

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