Faculty of Social Sciences & Education

Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education.

It is a faculty in the making. However, it has made a visible progress even in the short span of time since its inception in BS 2074 (AD 2017). It offers programs and courses ranging from the bachelor's degree to the doctorate in the diverse fields of social sciences, pedagogical sciences, religion and philosophy. The Faculty also runs courses and projects in collaboration with the Government of Nepal, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, and the NLA University College, Norway and is working to expand its relationships with others as well.

Though some progress has been made, there is still much work to be done. We can all agree that there is no such thing as progress which requires no further action. We must constantly move towards a higher and a better stage—which is precisely what the Faculty aspires to and is resolutely committed to.

The vision that guides the Faculty entails the production and distribution of quality scholarship and research in the areas of social sciences, education, humanities, philosophy, etc. that is easy and accessible to the general public. The Faculty's vision will be guided by the values of (i) academic freedom and diversity; (ii) excellence in teaching, research and publication; and (iii) easy and accessible higher education as a public responsibility.

In recent decades, technical or 'practical' education is in vogue and has received high priority and importance. There is no denying that technical or 'practical' education is necessary for the growth of an individual, a community and a nation, but a hugely lopsided emphasis on technical or practical education and corresponding discounting of social sciences, pedagogical sciences, humanities and philosophy is seriously problematic and does not portend well for our future in the long run. It is past time to realize and recognize that social sciences, pedagogical sciences, humanities and philosophy are no less important as they provide perspectives of what constitutes a good individual, community and nation. Moreover, they are also necessary for creating and sustaining an informed and critical citizenry necessary for the meaningful functioning of democracy and the Constitution; and for enhancing understanding of ourselves as social beings and cultivating social virtues required for a civilized, peaceful, harmonious, equitable and respectful coexistence in a society like ours. The Faculty, with its limited capacity, means and resources at its disposal, will make every effort and contribution possible towards fulfilling these functions.

The Faculty is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities by working shoulder to shoulder with teachers, researchers, and students in the true spirit of academic freedom, cooperation and excellence. Needless to say, the Faculty's vision and commitment can be translated into reality effectively and productively only through collaborative activities and efforts of all parties involved or concerned.

Let our hands join together. Let our minds interact together.


Khagendra Prasai, PhD

Associate Professor of Political Philosophy

Email: dean.fossed@nou.edu.np

Phone: +977-1-5424108 (Ext. 107)


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Available Programs

Master In Philosophic ( MPhil) 
Education Stream Social Sciences Stream
1. English Education 1. Economices
2. Mathamatic Education 2. English 
3. Education Studies 3. Sociology
4. Nepali Education 4. Anothoropology
5. Health Education 5. Political Sciences


2. MES


1. BA
2. BED


Fee Structor

Particular PHD MPhil MES
MMCS BA BED   (One year) DLIM
Admission( One Time)   2000/- 2000/- 2000/- 2000/- 2000/- 1000/-
Library Per Annual   1500/- 1500/- 1500/- 1500/- 1500/- 1500/-
Name Registration   3000/- 2500/- 2500/- 1500 2000/- 1000/-
Tuition Fee per credit   3360/- 1200/- 1000/- 600/- 1000/- 680/-
Additional Course   10080/- 3600/- 3000/-      
Semester Examination   3000/- 2500/- 3000/- 1500/- 2000/- 1000/-

Document To Be Submitted :

  • Duly signed completed application form.

  • Self-attested photocopies of marksheet / transcript, character certificate and citizenship.

  • Candidates who fail to submit all the documents by the deadline shall not be allowed to attend the entrance examination.

  • Two copies of recent passport size photoes

  • Scanned Voucher of Rs 1,000 for MPhil, Rs 1,000 for MASTER & Bachelar and Rs 500 for DLIM which is deposited to  Nepal Khula Bishwa Bidhyalay(Nepal Open University)  account no.  at Global IME Bank .




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