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Nepal Open University is the first institution of its kind to impart knowledge, skills and competencies to working individuals at various locations in Nepal and abroad through open and distance mode. The University assumes that much of the activity of teaching, learning, researching and assessing can be easily performed through online and distance mode by downloading and uploading information in the electronic devices (computers). The learning outcomes of the program can be achieved through instructor-learner interaction and collaboration through technology mediated processes (such as synchronous and asynchronous video-conferencing).

NOU is launching the following pilot programs in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education starting from 2074: (a) MPhil in Education, (b) MPhil in Social Sciences, (c) Postgraduate Diploma in Distance and e-Learning, (d) Diploma in Library Information and Management. These programs are up-to-date and designed to address the current job market context of Nepal. Professors /instructors at this Faculty are not just facilitators, they work as students’ torch bearers, supporters, mentors, advisors, and supervisors leading students from guided to autonomous learning and researching. In order to ensure the quality education, NOU will carefully observe the quality assuring processes from start to the end of the session.

Prof. Ram Chandra Paudel, PhD

Dean, Faculty of Social Science and Education




Dean, Faculty of Social Science and Education,
Nepal Open University
Accomplished academic research expert (supervisor and editor) with a track record of examining over 200 theses /dissertation of graduate levels (Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy) and editing six peer reviewed journals.

  • Editing scholarly writing
  • Supervising PhD scholars
  • Leading Academic Institutions
  • Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education in Nepal Open University
  • Professor of English at the Central Department of English, Tribhuvan University
  • Member of Research Committee of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences attending over 400 PhD viva voce sessions
  • Editor of the UGC Journal and Crosscurrent (a journal of Central Department of English, Tribhuvan University) and worked as an Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Literary Association Nepal (LAN)
  • Coordinator of the Committee for drafting Credit Transfer and Accumulation Policy at Tribhuvan University
  • Expert of the Equivalency Section of Curriculum Development Center, Tribhuvan University
  • Member of the Tribhuvan University Service Commission Evaluation Committee
  • Coordinator of UGC Guidelines for Peer Reviewed Journals, UGC, Nepal
  • Head, Department of English, Butwal Multiple Campus
  • Curriculum Developer in PhD and MPhil Levels (Research Methodology, Philosophy, Visual Culture, Discourse Analysis, Linguistics)
  • Worked in Examination Controller Offices of Universities and Service Commissions of different Universities 
Worked as a Research Trainer at different Universities 

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Available Programs

M. Phil in Social Sciences

Program Code Program Title
  Political Science

 M. Phil in Education

Program Code Program Title
  Social Sciences

Post Graduate Diploma

Program Code Program Title
  Post Graduate Diploma in Distance and e-Learning


Program Code Program Title
  Diploma in Library and Information Management


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