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Nepal Open University is the first institution of its kind to impart knowledge, skills and competencies to working individuals at various locations in Nepal and abroad through open and distance mode. The University assumes that much of the activity of teaching, learning, researching and assessing can be easily performed through online and distance mode by downloading and uploading information in the electronic devices (computers). The learning outcomes of the program can be achieved through instructor-learner interaction and collaboration through technology mediated processes (such as synchronous and asynchronous video-conferencing). NOU is launching the following pilot programs in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education starting from 2074: (a) MPhil in Education, (b) MPhil in Social Sciences, (c) Postgraduate Diploma in Distance and e-Learning, (d) Diploma in Library Information and Management. These programs are up-to-date and designed to address the current job market context of Nepal. Professors /instructors at this Faculty are not just facilitators, they work as students’ torch bearers, supporters, mentors, advisors, and supervisors leading students from guided to autonomous learning and researching. In order to ensure the quality education, NOU will carefully observe the quality assuring processes from start to the end of the session.

Thank You

Prof. Ram Chandra Paudel, PhD

Former Dean, Faculty of Social Science and Education

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Available Programs

Master In Philosophic ( MPhil) 
Education Stream Social Sciences Stream
1. English Education 1. Economices
2. Mathamatic Education 2. English 
3. Education Studies 3. Sociology
4. Nepali Education 4. Anothoropology
5. Health Education 5. Political Sciences


2. MES


1. BA
2. BED


Fee Structor

Particular PHD MPhil MES
MMCS BA BED   (One year) DLIM
Admission( One Time)   2000/- 2000/- 2000/- 2000/- 2000/- 1000/-
Library Per Annual   1500/- 1500/- 1500/- 1500/- 1500/- 1500/-
Name Registration   3000/- 2500/- 2500/- 1500 2000/- 1000/-
Tuition Fee per credit   3360/- 1200/- 1000/- 600/- 1000/- 680/-
Additional Course   10080/- 3600/- 3000/-      
Semester Examination   3000/- 2500/- 3000/- 1500/- 2000/- 1000/-

Document To Be Submitted :

  • Duly signed completed application form.

  • Self-attested photocopies of marksheet / transcript, character certificate and citizenship.

  • Candidates who fail to submit all the documents by the deadline shall not be allowed to attend the entrance examination.

  • Two copies of recent passport size photoes

  • Scanned Voucher of Rs 1,000 for MPhil, Rs 1,000 for MASTER & Bachelar and Rs 500 for DLIM which is deposited to  Nepal Khula Bishwa Bidhyalay(Nepal Open University)  account no.  at Global IME Bank .




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