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Education, while imparting knowledge and skills, should equally contribute in solving problems, create jobs and careers and ensure sustained development resulting in prosperity, happiness and improved quality of life. Nepal, despite its rich resource endowment, is an impoverished country. In order to overcome the situation, we need to put on concerted efforts to transform the nation state into a vibrant, growing and a prosperous nation. For this we have to build and develop our human capital capable of taking initiatives, shouldering responsibilities and putting on serious efforts in an innovative and creative manner to solve the existing problems as well as that may emanate tomorrow. However, despite efforts of almost half a century though with some visible results, the access to higher education is still limited in the country, estimated at less than 20 percent participation of the age group. In order to address this challenge and improve access to even those who cannot afford to go to classrooms, Nepal Open University has been established. Our mission is to impart quality education to build knowledge, skills and abilities befitting the requirements of the nation and the market and going even beyond to meet the needs of the global market both for Nepalese and other aspirants. It tries to encourage knowledge generation through continuous research, debates and discussions combining them with the teaching learning processes.
A large segment of population is devoid of the access to higher education due to the compulsion of engaging in income generation activities. There are many who seek to upgrade their knowledge and skills and have not been able to fulfil their aspirations due to inability to join the conventional education system. Besides, globally speaking, large number of programmes, most of which, however, are costly, are already available. In the current crisis like situations, even the conventional systems have reverted to online mode enabling educational activities to go on meaning that tomorrow’s mode of education will be open and distance mode and to overcome the crisis every educational institute including the conventional ones has had to be ready with this alternative mechanism of teaching and learning. Under this, virtual class-rooms are created and education imparted mixing the distance and open mode. The teaching materials, notes and references are accessible as and when the students would like to refer to as suited to them. We have also incorporated a few direct contact sessions to enable students to interact directly, transmit skills, and perform activities individually or in groups. This, so far, has proved to be highly useful and result oriented. Despite belated beginning, we have rich faculty and the platforms meaning that quality education is now available at their own premises and Nepalese (for that matter anyone) students will not have to wander for getting quality, affordable and proper education.
To achieve our mission, we have launched various programmes viz. Bachelor of Business Science (BBS), Master of Business Management (MBA), MS in Development Management and Governance (MSDMG) and Bachelor of Law (LLB) Programme. We are planning to launch course and research based PhD and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Master of Law (LLM) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in the coming years. We believe that we could fulfil the aspirations of those who are willing to pursue higher education through open and distance mode. We welcome you all to join us in this university to get quality education through open and distance mode. We impart requisite knowledge, support career development and equip with practical and allied skills to enable to contribute in the nation building process in a humane way.
Prof. Shilu Manandhar Bajracharya, Ph.D 
Dean, Faculty of Management and Law




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