Brief Profile of Hari P.Dhungana

Hari P.Dhungana is an Associate Professor of Development Management and Administration at the Faculty of Management and Law (FOML) in Nepal Open University and engaged as Governance Expert at Nepal Administrative Staff College. At NOU, he coordinates the program Master of Science in Development Management and Governance (MSDMG), and teach a number of courses, including on “Development Philosophy and Theories,” “Development Planning and Implementation, and “Ethics and Accountability”.

At NASC, he worked in a number of assignments including Nepal National Governance Survey 2017-18 and led thematic paper on Integrity in Nepal: Transparency, Corruption and Accountability. He is in the Research Committee of the College, and assist with capacity building of Staff college faculty members.

He is also engaged in sectoral political economy studies in service delivery areas, such as on education sector and disaster risk reduction. His further engagements include political economy studies in river basin management, local governance, and study on governance system in general. Prior to this he co-founded and led Southasia Institute of Advanced Studies (SIAS) for the initial five years (2011-15). At SIAS, he led collaborative research and engagements on climate change adaptation and mitigation, safeguards and international norms on environment and development, institutional interactions related to climate change and DRM, political economy analysis of education and health sectors, conflict and cooperation in Reducing Emissions in Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+), social and environmental safeguards in hydropower/development projects.

He was also involved in network facilitation on public policy research in Nepal. He has been working as Treasurer of Community of Evaluators, Nepal. He has conducted a number of evaluations for UNDP’s disaster risk reduction/management projects and Institute of CV_Dr. Hari P. Dhungana May 2019 Page 2 of 9 Forestry/Copenhagen University project on academic collaboration. He is also a life member of Nepal Foresters’ Association (NFA).

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