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Nepal open University (NOU) is established to provide enhanced access to all those, who find it difficult to pursue education in the traditional mode because of diverse reasons, in an affordable manner. It aims at equipping learners with knowledge, skills, competencies, abilities and overall development in order to enhance their employability or engage in academic or knowledge generating activities or for fulfilling individual or social needs befitting the requirements of the nation and the market and going even beyond to meet the needs of the global market both for Nepalese and other aspirants. NOU will make all efforts to reach all those deprived from education processes in terms of pace, place and time thus enhancing opportunities for education by ensuring quality and fulfilling education through rigorous processes of curricular activities, student support system and innovative approaches to meet the requirements of both, the market and the individuals. NOU will put on every effort to make its education at least on par if not better than those of the conventional systems of higher education systems.
Nepal despite having rich resource endowment, is an impoverished country. In order to overcome the situation, we need to put on concerted efforts to transform the nation state into a vibrant, growing and a prosperous nation. For this we have to build and develop our human capital capable of taking initiatives, shouldering responsibilities and putting on serious efforts in an innovative and creative manner. However, despite efforts of more than half a century though with some visible results, the access to higher education is still limited, estimated at less than 20 percent participation of the age group. In order to address this challenge and improve access to even those who cannot afford to go to classrooms, Nepal Open University is the medium to overcome this deficiency. 
We provide access to all aspirants globally. Particularly in the current juncture, when a large segment of Nepalese populace is not in the country mainly because of employment reasons, NOU provides an apt avenue to continue their human resource development and the human capital formation processes. It will provide an opportunity for continuous development to be more useful, capable and relevant even while working whether within the nation or anywhere else globally.
We believe that we could fulfil the aspirations of those willing to pursue higher education through open, distance and blended mode. We welcome you all to join this university to get complete education. We impart requisite knowledge, support career development and equip with skills to enable to contribute in the nation building process. It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you all.
Prof. Shilu Manandhar Bajracharya, PhD
Vice Chancellor

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