Dr. Khagendra Prasai

Khagendra Prasai, PhD
Associate Professor of Philosophy
                                                                    Nepal Open University
                                                                    MPhil. Programs, Social Sciences
Dr. Prasai has a PhD in Philosophy from the State University of New York, Binghamton, New York; an MA in Philosophy from the University of South Florida, Florida, USA; and an MA in Sociology & Anthropology from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. 
Dr. Prasai has experience of teaching sociology and philosophy for more than nineteen years at universities in the USA and Nepal, and currently has been teaching political philosophy, social theories, philosophies of social science etc. qualitative research methodology at Nepal Open University, Lalitpur. Dr. is also actively engaged in developing interdisciplinary programs including BA in Islamic Studies, BA in Kirat Studies, BA in Hindu Philosophy, MA in Corruption Studies.
Dr. Prasai has authored several academic works, theoretical and research papers, books and articles, and has lectured on a variety of themes including political economy, global order, capitalism, Marxism, self-emancipation, Marxist feminism, ethnicity, class, caste, development, inner-party democracy, cooperative, the conception of self and its implication for socialism, cooperative federalism. He frequently appears in the Nepalese media (TV, radio, newspaper etc.) as a political analyst.

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