Brief Profile of Jiban Khadka

Associate Professor of Education
Program Coordinator
Faculty of Social Sciences and Education
Nepal Open University
Dr. Khadka has received a PhD in Education from School of Education Kathmandu University. He has more than a decade of experience of teaching in different colleges and universities of Nepal.   He specializes in teaching Quantitative Research, Education Theories, Educational Leadership and Management, Governance & Accountability. Dr. Khadka has published research book and several research papers in a wide range of national and international peer-reviewed journals. Along with the editing of books related to education and research, he has also supervised Theses and Dissertations.

Dr. Khadka has presented papers in several international conferences. As a trainer of British Council, he has conducted numerous trainings to the education leaders and teachers. Moreover, he has been contributing in different capacities in different committees. Currently, he is serving as a member of the Executive Council, Nepal Open University and a member of the Faculty Research Committee and is involved in other social welfare committees.

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