Frequently Asked Questions for Nepal Open University (FAQ)
What is Open University? Is Nepal Open University a governmental or private entity? 
Open University is different from the conventional university. Open university provides education in a flexible manner in entry requirements, learning time, space and pace. Open learning does not require compulsory presence of a teacher and a student in the same place and time as it is required in conventional mode but coordinated through different media for interaction. 
Nepal Open University is a public university, established by an act of parliament in 2073 B.S. (2016) by the government of Nepal with Act No 3, 2073 approved date 2073. 03.30 B.S. The main motto is to provide access to quality tertiary/ higher education for all using relevant/ modern technology. In addition, NOU is for ensuring the opportunity of continuing education.
Different between Open University (NOU) and conventional university?  (TU, KU, PU….)
The major difference between NOU and other conventional university is its flexible mode of entry, learning management and graduation procedure and provides a bigger option of access to and varieties of education and training as required to the students’ needs and interest not quitting their jobs/professions and abandoning their home for acquiring education. The main philosophy of Open University is reaching to unreached  with academic and professional courses. 
How about equivalency of Nepal Open University degree?
Nepal Open University is established by an act from Nepal Government. All programs run by this University are approved by its academic council / senate, and run by University are its own programs  and there is no problem of equivalency and recognition of the degree.  If there are some collaborative academic and professional programmes, there will be provision of joint degree.
How about university degree credits transfer system?
Credit transfer is allowed to the students but they have to apply for this during their admission time with the given framework of application according to the credit transfer and accumulation guideline of the university. We shall have national and international university partnership for credit transfer as well as joint degree provision under the given credit transfer and accumulation rule and regulation. 
What are the basic requirements for enrollment?
Every program offered by university has its own basic requirements as entry requirements for learning which will be listed in website. Those who have not obtained the required qualification for the entry can get opportunity of Study University to gain that much required qualification to make oneself eligible for the programme. University facilitates learning and taking exam to certificate them and with this certificate they can apply for the programme. Generally, the students need to fulfill the given enrollment requirement to get admission in the programme.

May I need basic knowledge of Information technology/ computer?  
There is not any specific degree requirement on computer literacy for joining NOU program but basic computer literacy is preferable- such as basic knowledge of office package, email, internet PC trouble shooting and messenger like, Skype. Don’t worry if you have not got computer literacy, we have a provision for short training and orientation about ICT uses competencies before the enrollment. 
What is university SMART Solution/learning management system (LMS) and how can I access them?
The SMART Solution is an integrated system of application of software and hardware for administration, students tracking, teaching and learning, research and all form of collaborative and cooperative learning management of University program. The university has its own Learning Management System (LMS) which will be integrated on its website with mobile friendly version. Eligible students will get access and support to get access to the LMS 7/24 hours. We will provide self learning videos as well as text materials which will lead you in step by step learning process.
Is there is any mobile apps for access of courses materials? 
Yes, we have university mobile apps for apple and android you can download and use it by your university user name and password. We will notify and get in-touch with you via mobile apps.
Is there any orientation or self learn videos for LMS access? 
In the begging of the semester we will provide orientation which will be held at its center office and other seven support centers. We will broadcast this orientation via university website and its support center. Besides this, there will be some programmed learning that supports you for self-learning with adequate number of videos in LMS.
Is these materials uploaded on LMS are sufficient for my course? 
Yes.  This material will be complete package for your studies purpose but in case of your interest of further in-depth and wider studies, there are more learning resources available in e-Library, University database and some more other references in digital form. 
How many hours I need to study via LMS? 
It depends on your time management for learning. The hours required for attaining the learning is stated in each course but it can be done in a flexible way. The hours taken to complete the course in conventional mode will be the same in distance mode open university programme, so we suggest to choose courses as much as you can accomplish in given semester. The normal years needed to complete the degree will be double to the conventional mode for part-time students. Full time students can complete the course as specified in the programme.


Which programme will be run in this year?
According to the demand of the courses, in the first phase university will run Master courses in social sciences, education studies and management. In the second phase, some more courses on undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses will be run. The students can get learning support from our 7 study centres throughout the country. 
How many times the admission intake will be taken in a year? 
We will take two intake in a year:

  • Spring (February)
  • Fall(August)

We will update on website and advertise on national daily newspapers for new admission call.
How about exam system if I am from remote area? 
We have 7 support centers.  You have to attend the final (terminal) examinations in the university designated centres. For written exam, you can attempt computer base or paper based exam. In case of out of country, you can have online exam in a fully monitored system and you have screen sharing option and knowledge and skill on such technology is necessary. During online exam, connection can be a problem and in case of disturbance created due to connection, the examinee must take this risk, the Uuniversity is not responsible. 
Is there any professional course as well as academic course offered by the University?
Yes, we have both professional and academic courses. You can see these courses in our website when uploaded. 
Are  there any free courses for my carrier development? 
Right now there is no any free course from University but in future we are planning some MOOC program as career development programme which we will notice on our website. 
How can I pay the fee online?
We have smart solution which supports e-commerce or e-banking.  You can pay University fee online using epayment getaway like e-sewa, and mobile pay. After online payment of your fee, please keep payment receipt you get from the system that you have to submit the document in due time to University. 
Is there any scholarship scheme? 
We have some scholarship scheme from university and other source of funding. Keep update NOU website.  
How can I communicate with my course faculty/Teacher?
You can communicate with course facilitator/teacher online through LMS, mobile apps, email and phone or face-to-face meet taking appointment. You can find your course facilitator contact details at course area.  
What is the prefer time to contact support person? is the facility is 7/24?  
Yes, the service will be available 7/24 in any form. The university has strong support system which will serve office time and off time. 
How can I access this course in my smart phone/devices? 
You can install our mobile apps in your Smartphone/devices and using this apps you can get access to the courses and the learning materials as well as access to library. 
Is there any role after finishing my degree from the university?  How can I be in touch with the university system? 
The university will establish student’s alumni and you can join and participate and contribute in all activities organized by alumni and the university also and university expects your contribution to promote university.  We have a scheme to nominate Student ambassador year by year.
What can I do for university from my side? 
We have established University incubation/ innovation center for talent student you can involve there after finishing your studies if you are interested. Or you can do some volunteer contribution both cash and kind if you are interested.
How can I apply and get my academic transcript, certification and reference letter via online?
On the main website of university, we have online system for student documentation. You can apply for all certificate and recommendation letter via online application. 
Can I get alert of university conference and seminars? 
Yes, using university mobile apps and visiting website of the university you can get information alert. 
How can I get access on University eLibrary? 
On the main website of university you can find login area and including user guide. You will get your personal ID and using this you can get access to university library.